Risk Analysis and Capability Assessment for Technical Rescue Incidents in York County, Virginia   [open pdf - 1022KB]

"In 1995, the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety established a technical rescue team. This team was trained and equipped to handle a variety of specialized rescue situations for the hazards and risks known to York County at that time. The problem is that since the establishment of this team, York County Department of Fire and Life Safety (YCFLS) has not continued to adequately evaluate the risks that our community faces relating to potential technical rescue incidents and the capability of the department to mitigate them. The purpose of this research was to determine what potential for technical rescue incidents exists in York County and if YCFLS has the capability to mitigate them safety and effectively. The author used the descriptive research method to include a literature review, historical review, a questionnaire, a focus group, and personal interviews and communications to answer the following research questions: What types of technical rescue situations is York County susceptible to? What is the risk potential for identified technical rescue situations? What are the capabilities of YCFLS related to technical rescue? What mutual aid and/or other resources are available to YCFLS to assist in the mitigation of identified potential technical rescue incidents. The results of this research provided recommendations to YCFLS that include the need to train all personnel up to the awareness level in identified technical rescue fields, reinstitute regional training, develop standard operating procedures, begin a team evaluation process, and continue to monitor work sites that involve the potential for technical rescue incidents to occur."

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