IR Missile (Spin-Scan and Con-Scan Seekers) Countermeasures   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "In the combat scenario where the infrared missile is an almost continuous threat during the operation, fighter aircraft are currently quite susceptible to being killed in attacks by infrared missiles. Theoretical analysis applied to an encounter simulation seems to indicate that it is possible to use the infrared Active Jammer and the expendable decoy (flare) to defeat the infrared missile (spin-scan and con-scan seekers). The theoretical analysis of a simplified case of a spin-scan and con-scan reticle with amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation leads to expressions for the targets' positions, as seen by the missile seeker, under no-jamming condition. The signal waveforms consist of target radiation power failing on the reticle and the reticle modulation function. We apply signal processing techniques to the modulated signal to determine the tracking error rate under no-jamming, active jamming and flare jamming different conditions, and by comparing with the unjammed tracking error rate, to determine the differences and effectiveness of jamming. The analytical result is simulated by means of a simulation program (MATLAB), which evaluates the change in the missile LOS (line of sight ) rotation rate and the impact on the missile guidance operation. The analysis indicated successful jamming in the different jamming source situations. Following the jamming analysis, one can use the result to do further operational analysis as in OT&E (operation test and evaluation) and to evaluate the operational effectiveness of the jammers and to develop operational tactics to further increase the survivability of the fighter aircraft in the combat situation."

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