Economic Security Environment And Implementation of Planning, Programming, Budgeting, Execution (PPBE) System in Georgia   [open pdf - 502KB]

"This thesis identifies and analyses the main aspects and challenges that have occurred to Georgia's National Security after regaining independence. Economic Security is the initial subject of analysis. The thesis examines the Ministry of Defense as a public sector agency; the problems in government institutions resulting from the old Soviet mentality and the lack of leadership skills in a democratic society which led to Georgia's political crisis and economic decline, as occurs to most countries in transition; specifics about the distribution of financial power in an unstable economic environment decline and the negative effects of instability on defense reform processes, particularly in the implementation of the PPB(E) System. The intent of this research is to explain the interrelationships of harmonious, sustainable growth and PPB(E) as an established system for transparency. The thesis provides a record and explanation of events that caused the current problems in defense planning and the budgeting process as well as recommendations for future improvements to the PPB(E) System in the Georgian Armed Forces (GAF). The main focus is on policy formulation and budget execution; performance; accountability; fiscal discipline; and transparency. The conclusion summarizes the paper, which presented the arguments for successful reforming processes in the GAF, particularly in its medium-term budgeting cycle."

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