Analysis of the Des, Loki, and Idea Algorithms for Use in an Encrypted Voice PC Network   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The protection of information is of vital importance to the successful operation of both the Federal Government and the Department of the Navy. Attention is usually given to the protection of classified information. The Computer Security Act mandates that not only classified, but sensitive information be protected in accordance with the Privacy Act. The increasing reliance on networks makes this a challenging problem to overcome. The focus of this thesis is to examine the capabilities, effectiveness, and limitations of the DES, LOKI, and IDEA cryptosystems for use in the PC environment. It analyzes the use of these cryptosystems for network voice encryption. Further, this thesis examines the function and security of these cryptosystems and on possibilities for implementation in a Naval Postgraduate School PC network. Experimental results on the speed and efficiency of two of the cryptosystems are presented to show their relative strengths and weaknesses. A recommendation is made as to the appropriate cryptosystems to be used in a network implementation. Further recommendations are given on the type of computer networking architecture and the type of network encryption to use."

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