Help or Hinder? Effects of Interfacility Transfers on the Fond du Lac Fire Department   [open pdf - 179KB]

"The Fond du Lac Fire Department added interfacility medical transfers to its list of services in order to generate additional revenue to the budget. The problem is that these transfers have a questionable budgetary impact, may interfere with scheduled training and have unknown effects on personnel. The purpose of this research is to describe and evaluate the effects that interfacility transfers have on Fond du Lac Fire Department in budget, operations and personnel. There is a need to describe whether or not interfacility transfers generate a significant amount of revenue to justify the additional service. The frequency of these transfers may or may not have a direct effect on the ability of personnel to participate in critical training sessions. It is also important to understand what effect interfacility transfers have on Fond du Lac Fire Department personnel. In going forward with this research, the author asked the following questions: 1) What has been the financial impact of interfacility transfers? 2) What effects do interfacility transfers have on the training program? and 3) How are personnel affected by interfacility transfers? Using evaluative research methodology, the author determined that interfacility transfers generate enough revenue to exceed the costs and provide financial benefit to the Fond du Lac Fire Department. It was also determined that the volume of interfacility transfer program and it contributes to the overall morale of the department. It was recommended that the department continue to evaluate interfacility tranfers for costs and benefit. If the cost of this program exceeds the benefit, collaborative measures should be taken by administration and union leaders to decisively alter or condemn the program and focus on core services."

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