Highly Enriched Uranium: Striking a Balance: A Historical Report on the United States Highly Enriched Uranium Production, Acquisition, and Utilization Activities from 1945 Through September 30, 1996   [open pdf - 57MB]

"In February 1996, the Department of Energy (DOE) commissioned a comprehensive effort to document and declassify the United States inventory and other information needed to present a complete picture of the production, acquisition, and utilization of highly enriched uranium (HEU). 'Highly Enriched Uranium: Striking A Balance' presents the results of that study. [...] Section 1 introduces the reader to the predecessor organizations to the DOE, the nuclear material control and accountability system, and the Department's 'Openness Initiative.' Section 2 provides some perspective on the production and uses of HEU, including the Department's nuclear weapons complex. The two most important sections of this report are Sections 3 and 4 where details of the U.S. HEU inventory and the historical material balance are presented. Sections 5 and 6 contain the details for the historical material balance and much of the newly declassified HEU information. Annual quantities are presented by fiscal year. The appendices provide information on HEU facilities, U.S. HEU spent nuclear fuel inventory, the Navy Nuclear Propulsion and Army Nuclear Power Programs, and Agreements for Cooperation with foreign countries."

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