Finalist Essays from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security's Third Annual Essay Competition, 2010   [open pdf - 384KB]

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) essay contest, now in its third year, is aimed at stimulating original thought on issues in Homeland Security and Homeland Defense. CHDS launched the contest in 2008 to provide people from around the country the opportunity to express their opinions on homeland security issues and to suggest new ideas. This year's winner and four finalists were selected from 145 contest submissions by a committee comprised of CHDS staff, faculty, and alumni. The variety of the essay topics submitted, as well as the backgrounds of the authors, highlights the vast scope of the impact that homeland security policies, programs, and challenges have on our communities and professions. This year's contestants were asked to answer the question, "How can, or should, the United States make homeland security a more layered, networked, and resilient endeavor involving all citizens?" This compilation includes the winning essay "Twitter, Facebook, and Ten Red Balloons: Social Network Problem Solving and Homeland Security" Major Christopher M. Ford, and the four finalist essays: "Examining the Effective Use of Unaffiliated Volunteers" by Mark Bejarano, "Unacceptable Gaps: Community Grassroots Involvement in Homeland Security" by Lieutenant Jessica Bylsma, "Involving Citizens in Homeland Security - Changing the National Culture of Assumed Safety" by Mary Theresa Flynn, and "Homeland Bureaucracy - How to Reshape American Homeland Security Policy to Better Engage its Intelligence Professionals through a Layered, Networked and Resilient Attack Upon Terrorism at Home and Abroad" by Andrew Hicks.

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