Life Safety Initiative: Promoting Fire Safety in Collegiate Off-Campus Housing   [open pdf - 659KB]

"According to the United States Department of Education, nearly 18,000,000 college students were enrolled in America's 4,100 colleges and universities in academic year 2010. In Iowa City, the University of Iowa experienced record enrollment in 2010 with 30,825 full-time students. The majority of students live in off-campus housing. The problem was that the Iowa City Fire Department [ICFD] responds to a significant number of fire-related emergencies that occur in off-campus collegiate housing. The purpose of this research was to determine methodologies that the ICFD may use to reduce the risk of death, injury and property loss due to fire among college students residing in off-campus collegiate housing. Research questions asked were: (a) what are the industry, state and local standards for fire prevention in off-campus collegiate housing; (b) what have other fire service organizations done to enhance fire safety among college students living in off-campus housing; and (c) what methods should the Iowa City Fire Department utilize to reduce the risk among University of Iowa students living in off-campus housing? Descriptive research was conducted. Results of the literature review revealed national and state-recognized standards for fire prevention, while the literature review and interviews with 3 experts identified municipal prevention standards, best risk-reduction practices of other organizations, and specific initiatives to be used by the ICFD. Recommendations included (a) increase and implement requirements of residential fire protection engineering, (b) adopt new initiatives for code enforcement, and (c) form a fire safety education partnership with the University of Iowa."

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