Tale of Disparity: A Delphi Study of Gender Diversity in the U. S. Fire Service   [open pdf - 773KB]

"Inclusive gender diversity is a desirable trait in the American Fire Service but with the 2000 US census reporting less than 4% of the firefighter population being women; progress is proving to be slow. The problem is that only a small percentage of women are working and/or volunteering in the American fire service causing a lack of gender diversity in fire departments across the country. This is a problem as the added perceptions of diversity have shown to make organizations more respected and trusted to their customers as well as being able to provide more options to promote organizational efficiency and customer value. The purpose of this research project was to examine why more women are not working and/or volunteering in the fire service. This descriptive study used the Delphi Method to examine the following questions: Why do women choose not to pursue the fire service as a career or service? Why do women choose to join the fire service? What unique barriers are there for women to become firefighters? What are the best potential opportunities to recruit and retain women in the fire service?"

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