Failure Investigation Report - Dixie Pipeline Company 8-inch Propane Pipeline Release   [open pdf - 2MB]

"On Monday, July 5, 2010, at approximately 10:40 am Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT), a rupture occurred on the Dixie Pipeline Company (Dixie) 8‐inch diameter propane pipeline at milepost (MP) 817.11 in Thomson, McDuffie County, Georgia. The release occurred at 390 Stagecoach Road (Appendix A), which was a 20‐acre property with a pond, two mobile homes, and a storage building all surrounded by a wooded area. One passenger car (a Jeep) was on the premises at the time of the rupture. The pipeline rupture occurred when the 390 Stagecoach Road property owner, Paul McCorkle, struck the 8‐inch propane pipeline with his bulldozer while grading a dirt road along the edge of the pond. [...] Immediately after striking the pipe, Paul McCorkle left the accident scene. He went to his nearby residence where he called 911 at 10:45 am to report he had struck the Dixie pipeline with a bulldozer. Paul McCorkle's son, Jason McCorkle, who lived in a mobile home on the property also called 911 from his cellular phone (within 60 seconds of his father's call) to report the ruptured pipeline. Jason McCorkle was standing outside of his mobile home approximately 150 yards north of the rupture when he made his call. During Jason McCorkle's 911 call, the propane ignited and exploded, killing the young man. The ensuing fire destroyed one of the two mobile homes on the property, the storage building, the Jeep and the bulldozer. The fire also ignited several brush fires within the surrounding wooded area."

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