Failure Investigation Report - Buckeye External Corrosion Pit near Shippingport, PA   [open pdf - 2MB]

"On March 20, 2011, Buckeye Pipeline reported a leak on their 10" line 820 that runs from their Coraopolis Terminal to the Midland Terminal. The leak was located in a wooded area behind a Gypsum plant near the intersection of Ferry Hill Road and Shippingport Road in Shippingport, PA. The leak was due to an isolated external corrosion pit located in the 12:00 position on the pipe. Approximately 300 barrels of diesel fuel were spilled as a result of the leak and it was estimated that 238 barrels were recovered. The spill follow the natural terrain from the leak site to a stormwater drainage canal located behind the Gypsum plant, where it was contained and prevented from entering the Ohio River. Buckeye was able to isolate the line by closing block valves upstream and downstream of the leak site. Once isolated, Buckeye drained the leaking segment of line into tank trucks located at their Midland Terminal. On March 23, Buckeye repaired the leak by cutting out and replacing a 10' section of pipe with new pipe. The line was returned to full operation on March 23 around 10:00am."

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