Strategic Thinking Deficiency: Diagnosis and Cure   [open pdf - 78KB]

"Numerous commentators have come to profoundly disturbing conclusions about the U.S. government's ability to think and execute strategically. In a world in which U.S. strategy must account for a vastly changed security environment and provide a coherent and comprehensive response, this is a concern. If we want to effectively fulfill America's traditional leadership role in the 21st Century, this is more than a concern--it's a crisis. Thus, curing America's strategic thinking deficiency is an appropriate topic for a major conference. The U.S. National Security Commission/21st Century was established by Congress in response to a perception of slow strategic readjustments in the aftermath of the Cold War. That bipartisan body of 14 senior American leaders concluded that we faced a crisis of competency in government. The Commission's Phase 3 report concluded that 'strategic planning is largely absent within the U.S. government.' Of gravest concern, they could find no overarching strategic framework guiding U.S. national security policy or the allocation of resources. The planning that does occur they found to be ad hoc and specific to Executive departments and agencies. The commission identified the need for a culture of coordinated strategic planning to permeate all U.S. national security institutions."

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2008 Joint Operations Symposium: Strategic Re-Assessment: From Long-Range Planning to Future Strategy and Forces. Washington D.C. June 4-5, 2008
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