Evaluating the Fire Training Program for the South Bay Fire Department   [open pdf - 305KB]

"The South Bay Fire Department is a semi-diverse, proactive volunteer fire department that is committed to optimal customer service and to the development and performance of its members. The problem was that the South Bay Fire department did not have a means to evaluate the department's training program and could not determine how its training program was enhancing the skills and readiness of its members. The purpose of this research project was to identify best practices and performance outcome measures for training programs that the South Bay Fire Department may adopt and implement. A descriptive methodology was used to guide this research. This design was achieved by reviewing literature, conducting surveys and conducting interviews. The descriptive research methodology that guided this research asked four questions: (a) What are other fire departments doing to measure the quality of their training programs; (b) What are some performance-based outcome measures from the private industry that may be applied within a fire training program; (c) What evaluation tools exist within the public and private education sectors; and (d) What are some performance measurements that the South Bay Fire Department should consider for the fire training program? As a result of this research, some performance measuring concepts were identified and some new techniques were discovered that may prove relevant or may be modified and implemented into the South Bay Fire Department's training program."

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