Charlotte Fire Department Responses to Active Shooter Incidents - A Critical Analysis   [open pdf - 258KB]

"This descriptive research project deals with identifying how the Charlotte Fire Department (CFD) can take an active role on the tactical level in the mitigation of active shooter incidents (ASI's). The CFD has no plan in place that allows it to take an active role in tactical operations conducted during ASI's. The purpose of this research is to identify what other departments are doing in response to ASI's as well as what tactical operations could be conducted without assuming an unacceptable level of risk. This was done by answering four research questions. What are other fire departments doing in response to ASI's? What is the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department's (CMPD) plan of action at ASI's? What can be done to better the response of the CFD to ASI's? How can the CFD take a more active role in tactical operations during ASI's? This research was accomplished by conducting a survey, an exhaustive literature review, personal interviews, and an analysis of department policies and procedures. The findings of this research show that the CFD is not prepared to play an active role on the tactical level in the mitigation of ASI's. In order for the department to become active on this level it must address the issues brought forth in this research in regards to administrative guidance, training and equipment. Furthermore, the department must give guidance as to what it expects each company to do during ASI's."

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