Is an ISO Rating Process Appropriate for the Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Department at this Time?   [open pdf - 95KB]

"The Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Department (RCFRD) last went through an ISO assessment in 1992. The problem facing the RCFRD is determining if the department should enter into another ISO rating process. The purpose of this project is to determine if the Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating process is still widely used or if it has become an archaic measure of a department's effectiveness. An evaluative research method was used to answer the following questions: 1) What is involved in an ISO rating process? 2) How have other departments benefited or not benefited recently from obtaining an ISO rating? 3) How do insurance companies use ISO ratings in establishing insurance rates? 4) How would this process benefit the RCFRD and the citizens which they serve? Procedures used to research this topic included a thorough literature review using the internet, magazines, National Fire Academy Learning Resource Center and past papers written for the Executive Fire Officer Program. A survey was utilized to evaluate other department's feelings of the ISO system and a questionnaire was used to obtain information from the ISO office and one insurance agent. Results showed that the ISO process is now widely considered outdated and not utilized as much by the insurance industry. Recommendations were made for the RCFRD to find other means of evaluating their effectiveness and operational readiness."

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