Courage to Care: Family Planning for Disasters: The Health Consequences of Disasters and Evacuation, What Patients Need to Know to Prepare   [open pdf - 579KB]

"This installment of Courage to Care is designed to facilitate doctor patient dialogue around the health implications of exposure to disasters, especially those that require the need for evacuation. The talking points below can help you ask the questions that will help your patients assess, prepare for and respond to an evacuation, and do so in a way that is responsive to their unique health needs. There is also a separate fact sheet for individuals and families that your office can download and distribute in your waiting area or clinic. In addition, you may disseminate this electronically to colleagues, and/or put it on your own organization's website to enhance your health outreach in the community. On the reverse side is a box to customize local contact information and health resources useful during disasters. As a healthcare provider to our Uniformed Services, your care impacts not just your patients and their families, but our national security, our national defense and our nation's health. The aftermath of major disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, provide valuable opportunities to reinforce important public health measures such as preparedness and evacuation."

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