Transitioning from a Basic Life Support System to an Advanced Life Support System in Pewaukee Fire Department   [open pdf - 575KB]

"The problem for this research was the need for Pewaukee Fire Department to transition from a Basic Life Support Service to an Advanced Life Support Service to provide the same level of Emergency Medical Service to mutual communities and the community. The purpose of the research was to determine how Pewaukee would make the transition. The descriptive research in this paper looked at how other organizations were able to successfully make the transition to a paramedic service. Research also was conducted to find the operating cost associated with the transition along with determining the changes in operations for Pewaukee Fire Department. The final part of the research determined recommendations Pewaukee could use to make the final transition to a paramedic service. Research found the requirements the State of Wisconsin has to become a paramedic service. The combination of the State requirements and operational plans from area fire departments assisted to determine the type of system Pewaukee Fire Department should work toward accomplishing. The paramedic service transition also required a look into funding the service. Pewaukee would need to revise the budget in order to fund training, operational supplies, plus wages in order to become a successful paramedic service. Funding for the service in an economic time when budgets are tight was not a great challenge. Pewaukee had already taken steps over the course of the past few years to prepare for the transition. Working with another local paramedic department under contract ensured certain funding for the stand alone Pewaukee paramedic service."

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