Citizen Emergency Preparedness in Hampden Township, Pennsylvania   [open pdf - 95KB]

"The problem is that Hampden Township has not assessed the effectiveness of the Family Preparedness Guide. The author attempted to assess if the residents in the Fairwinds development have a basic knowledge of emergency preparedness by using descriptive research to answer the following questions: do the residents know how to get information during a disaster, do the residents have an emergency kit with at least 2 days of food and water, what is the expected fire company response time during a disaster, is there a difference in readiness of the Hampden Township citizens compared to citizens in other communities, and what is the best information dissemination method during a disaster? The author conducted interviews, used a survey data collection tool and reviewed current literature. The majority of the residents who participated in the survey will get information from the radio and television. Most do not have an emergency kit; they expect the fire company to be on the scene in five minutes or less. This survey indicated that the sample of citizens in Hampden Township are more prepared than those in other communities, and the best method to provide information is by the television and radio. Emergency management organizations must use multiple methods of information dissemination. Recommendations include additional research, development of online training, development of pre-scripted messages, and the implementation of citizen training programs."

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