Promoting Inter-Agency Readiness Through Standardized Training and Education of Front Line Responders   [open pdf - 719KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The Department of Homeland Security continues to anticipate barriers between federal and state entities and continues to research new and innovative ways to break down these barriers in order to enable collaboration with states to build a trained emergency response workforce. New Jersey must also anticipate these barriers and must develop a structured, coherent, and standardized approach to prevention, response, and recovery. This thesis proposes the implementation of a multidisciplinehomeland security training and education system. This will enhance the capabilities of first responders and emergency managers with regard to the elements of uniformity, interoperability, and the capacity to train personnel to a high level of interchangeability. The primary principle necessary in the design of an effective multi-disciplinary training and education system is the establishment of a curriculum that is standards driven. The creation of this system will ensure that every first responder and emergency manager in New Jersey understands his or her mission as it relates to preventing, responding to and recovering from terrorist attacks. By focusing on the front-line individual, the state can effectively enhance its overall preparedness."

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