How Proverbs Damage Homeland Security   [open html - 88KB]

"Christopher Bellavita discusses twelve proverbs -- accepted truths -- that have characterized the homeland security narrative. He contends that in the haste to establish a homeland security enterprise and create new policies and strategies, many homeland security proverbs may be inaccurate; they 'distort the homeland security narrative in a way that inhibits the search for more effective ideas to protect the nation.' Bellavita sees an opportunity over the next ten years for academics and strategists 'to take another look at the basic assumptions underpinning our homeland security narrative, and identify evidence that supports or refutes the proverbs used to guide strategic direction.'"

Author:Bellavita, Christopher
Publisher:Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Homeland Defense and Security
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Source:Homeland Security Affairs (September 2011), v.7 no.2
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