PAGER - Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response [website]   [open html - 10KB]

"PAGER stands for the Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response. It is an automated system that takes in seismic data from remote sensors in order to rapidly estimate earthquake shaking and the scope and impact of earthquakes around the world. In its previous form, which has been available since 2007, PAGER delivered rapid estimates of the total number of people and settlements exposed to a wide range of shaking from light to catastrophic. Currently, PAGER also provides first-order/factor-of-ten/order of magnitude estimates of potential fatalities, as well as the approximate economic impact the earthquake may cause. Since the PAGER loss estimations are available well in advance of ground-truth observations or news accounts, they can play a primary alerting role for domestic as well as international earthquake disasters."

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