Earthquake Preparedness for the South Davis Metro Fire Agency   [open pdf - 548KB]

"The problem is that South Davis Metro Fire Agency does not have a comprehensive earthquake response plan. The purpose of this research is to identify the earthquake areas within South Davis Metro Fire and to develop such a plan. Using descriptive research, the areas at risk were identified, other fire departments were surveyed on their response and preparedness, the needs of South Davis Metro Fire to support their personnel and citizens were identified and an emergency response plan specific to earthquakes was determined. The research was conducted with literature reviews, and interviews of people with specific knowledge in the earthquake issues in the state of Utah. The results determined South Davis Metro Fire needs an in-depth comprehensive plan to respond and support the needs of personnel and the community that is served. Recommendation included developing a detailed response and mitigation plan for earthquakes, develop a food and water storage plan to sustain the needs of emergency personnel and staff, and to outline the areas within the protection of South Davis Metro Fire that are affected by the Wasatch Fault and begin a public information media campaign to inform the citizens of the danger zones."

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