On Track to Disaster: Railroad Emergencies in Oakland Park   [open pdf - 0B]

"There are an average of 216 railroad accidents every year in Florida on the two rail lines bisecting Oakland Park. Railroad emergencies range from minor incidents, which can be mitigated within minutes, to major incidents, which can take days to resolve. A problem exists, in that the City of Oakland Park has two major rail lines bisecting the city and no specific emergency plans or procedures in place to deal with railroad emergencies. The purpose of this action research is to develop a railroad emergency response plan for the City of Oakland Park Fire Rescue. The following action-based research questions were analyzed in developing the plan: (a) What are the hazards and risks associated with railroad operations traversing the City of Oakland Park Fire Rescue's response area that should be addressed in a response plan? (b) What specialized training is required to manage a railroad emergency? Where is such training available, and what does it cost? (c) What emergency plans, procedures, guidelines, standard operating procedures or policies are being used by other municipalities with similar risks as Oakland Park to address the possibility of a railroad emergency, and what elements of these approaches would be applicable to Oakland Park? (d) What are the critical elements that must be included in a railroad emergency response plan for the City of Oakland Park? A comprehensive literature review, interviews, comparison of similar plans and a survey instrument were utilized to answer all of the research questions. The results indicate a distinct probability exists of a railroad emergency occurring in Oakland Park at some point in time. The recommendations of this paper include implementing an emergency response plan created specifically for railroad emergencies."

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