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"The problem was that Clay County Fire Rescue (CCFR) did not have an established officer development program to prepare candidates for promotion to the rank of battalion chief. The purpose of the research was to create an outline for a battalion chief officer development program to prepare candidates for promotion. This research will be used to develop curriculum for the leadership development program for advancement to the battalion chief rank for CCFR personnel. The action research method was used to answer the research questions and develop a program outline for CCFR to use for battalion chief candidates. The research questions were: (a) What books on leadership development for middle managers can be assigned as required reading for promotion to the battalion chief rank? (b) What personal qualification standards (PQS) will need to be met for a captain to be promoted to the battalion chief position? (c) What leadership development programs are used by fire departments for promotion to middle management positions? (d) What input from existing battalion chiefs and captains can be used to develop an officer training program for the battalion chief rank? Procedures involved collecting information from other fire departments, an internal survey, the library and the Internet for local and state agencies that have leadership development programs and required reading books. The author selected two books for required reading. The author developed a battalion chief task book for CCFR promotional candidates. The task book is referenced to NFPA [National Fire Protection Association] 1021 Fire Officer II. The battalion chief task book adopted by CCFR is recommended for other departments to review and use. Training is the stepping-stone for the successful promotional process for battalion chief. The recommendation is to use this officer development outline as a guide and modify it to meet your department specific needs based on a self-assessment."

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