Department of Justice Plan to Develop a Tribal Consultation and Coordination Policy Implementing Executive Order 13175   [open pdf - 259KB]

"President Obama's Memorandum on Tribal Consultation ('Presidential Memorandum'), signed November 5, 2009 pronounces tribal consultations 'a critical ingredient of a sound and productive Federal-tribal relationship.' The Presidential Memorandum directs all federal agencies to develop a detailed plan of the actions they will take to fully implement President Clinton's Executive Order 13175 on 'Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments' within ninety days, and to provide a progress report on implementation and any updates to the plan within 270 days and annually thereafter. Executive Order 13175 sets forth criteria 'to establish regular and meaningful consultation and collaboration with tribal officials in the development of Federal policies that have tribal implications.' The Justice Department embraces this responsibility and the principles of tribal sovereignty and Indian self-determination. The Department, at all levels, is committed to developing a comprehensive communication and coordination policy with tribes that is predicated on robust tribal input. The following report outlines the Department's plan of actions for developing a consultation and coordination policy (hereinafter, 'consultation policy') that not only implements Executive Order 13175, but identifies other ways in which the Department shall ensure ongoing and effective communication and coordination with tribes."

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