Developing a Risk Analysis for the City of Maryville   [open pdf - 311KB]

"The problem is that the City of Maryville does not have an up to date risk analysis. The purpose of this project is to identify risks that would affect the City of Maryville and its fire department. Descriptive methodology was used to guide this study. The research questions were: (a) What natural and/or man-made risks exist or have the potential to develop in the City of Maryville? (b) What risks will have the greatest impact upon Maryville's citizens and businesses? (c) What history is available to address risks within the City of Maryville? (d) Is the City of Maryville Fire Department prepared to respond to the identified risk and if not, what steps need to be implemented to do so? The procedures that were involved in this research started in January 2009, at the National Fire Academy's Learning Resource Center. Results indicated that Maryville was most vulnerable to an incident involving hazardous materials in transportation and at fixed locations. The downtown district was another risk because of density, changing occupancy and age. Tornadoes and earthquakes were also identified as potential risk. The recommendations were that the downtown district needs to have a thorough pre-fire plan on every structure. Fire department personnel need to know the layout and construction of each building in the downtown area. Emergency Operations Plans should be kept current with annual table top exercises to prepare fire department officers to operate more efficiently. Special training should be required to respond to some of these risks."

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