Implementing a Firefighter Emergency Incident Rehabilitation Program in Seminole County   [open pdf - 120KB]

"The problem is the Seminole County Fire Department and the fire department agencies within the Seminole County first response system have not implemented a formal firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation program. Without a formal program inconsistencies exist and firefighters run the risk of not receiving adequate emergency incident rehabilitation as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association 1584 Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises. Because the work of a firefighter is extremely taxing on the body, the lack of a formal rehabilitation program on emergency incidents increases the potential risk of firefighter injury or death. The purpose of this research was to identify an action plan to implement a successful firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation program. Descriptive research was used to answer the four research questions: (a) what steps are associated in implementing a formal firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation program; (b) what are the benefits, challenges or obstacles associated with implementation of a rehabilitation program; (c) what organizational influences or behaviors are associated with the implementation of a formal rehabilitation program; and (d) how would the program be evaluated to ensure successful implementation? A literature review and firefighter rehabilitation survey was conducted which identified the need for the development and delivery of a comprehensive firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation training program for all agencies responding within the Seminole County first response system. The firefighter rehabilitation survey identified behaviors that would need to be addressed in a formal training program in order for the rehabilitation program to be successful. Recommendations included a training program with lecture and practical application along with case scenarios."

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