Consolidation Options to Meet the Strategic Operational Objectives for the Endicott and Johnson City, NY, Fire Departments   [open pdf - 0B]

"The research problem is that the fire departments of the Villages of Endicott and Johnson City, NY have both significantly reduced on duty staffing over the past two decades, hindering operational effectiveness of both agencies. The purpose of this applied research project is to identify a plan or model that would reduce fire suppression, rescue service and EMS [Emergency Medical Services] operational deficiencies within the municipalities. Descriptive research was utilized to explore the dynamic field of collaboration, consolidation and operational change within the fire service and their effects on personnel and organizational culture. The following questions were answered: 1) What types of operational models are available for the two municipalities to consider that can address deficiencies with the current protection schemes? 2) What are the suppression, rescue and EMS service deficiencies that would need to be addressed in each municipality? 3) What, if any, are the similarities and differences in the suppression, rescue and EMS service operations between the two agencies? and 4) What, if any, are the organizational concerns of the fire suppression personnel in each municipality related to adopting a new fire suppression, rescue and EMS model? The project culminated in a set of recommendations for both municipalities that address deficiencies within their organizational models that negatively affect strategic operational objectives."

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