Information Quality: Program Guide   [open pdf - 16MB]

"This Guide is intended to help justice managers develop an information quality program for their organizations and is designed to support managers who must analyze their justice entity's information and determine what is needed to ensure good quality information. In support of that effort, the Guide features a step approach to the development and implementation of an agency-wide IQ [information quality] program and includes a variety of resources and tools, as well as a framework for analyzing a justice entity's business rules for information quality. The information contained within this Guide will lead practitioners through: 1 )The establishment of IQ as an agency-wide program. 2) The identification and analysis of agency justice events and products. 3) The application of IQ dimensions.4) The completion of an IQ assessment (using the Information Quality Self-Assessment Tool). […] This Guide supports new system development as well as continuous assessment of existing organizational resources and practices. The discussion and tools presented here should inspire ongoing awareness of the need to address IQ issues and also motivate agencies to address the quality of the information for which they are responsible."

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