Collective Intelligence in Emergency Management: Social Media's Emerging Role in the Emergency Operations Center   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The problem was that the Novato Fire District did not utilize social media technology to gather or share intelligence during Emergency Operations Center activations. The purpose of this applied research project was to recommend a social media usage program for the Novato Fire District's Emergency Operations Center. Descriptive methodology, literature review, two personal communications and a statistical sampling of fire agencies utilizing facebook supported the research questions. The research questions included: 1) What were collective intelligence and social media? 2) How was social media used by individuals and organizations during events and disasters? 3)How many fire agencies maintained a facebook page and used them to distribute emergency information? and 4) Which emergency management social media programs should be recommended for the Novato Fire District's Emergency Operations Center? The procedures included two data collection experiments, one a statistical sampling of United States fire agencies using facebook, to support the literature review and research questions. This research is one of the first Executive Fire Officer Applied Research Projects that addressed this emerging subject. The results found the public has a sociological need to gather and share information, a desire to help after a disaster, increased public accessibility to social media technology and an expectation that government agencies provide information. The results also found few fire agencies maintained a facebook presence and even fewer distributed post-disaster information. These results supported the recommendation to adopt a social media program for the Novato Fire District's Emergency Operations Center."

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