Developing a Firefighter Emergency Incident Rehabilitation Guideline for the Seminole County First Response System   [open pdf - 1016KB]

"The Seminole County Fire Department operates under an automatic aid first response system with five city fire departments and one airport fire department. All fire department agencies in Seminole County operate from the Seminole County and Cities Incident Management System manual. The manual is compliant with the National Incident Management System's incident Command System principals and is considered the standard operating procedures. The manual does not contain a comprehensive guideline for firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation. Without a comprehensive guideline, inconsistencies have occurred in the establishment and implementation of a firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation operation. The purpose of this research was to develop guidelines for incident commanders as well as division or group supervisors to follow in order to consistently implement and enforce an adequate firefighter rehabilitation program during emergency incidents. Action research methodology was conducted in an effort to answer the following research questions and produce a guideline to be used for firefighter rehabilitation at emergency incidents. What recommendations and guidelines exist for the development of a firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation program? What is the recommended criterion for establishing firefighter rehabilitation on emergency incidents? What functions are associated with a firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation program? What are the current inconsistencies associated with firefighter rehabilitation establishment and delivery on emergency incidents? What are the benefits and consequences of a firefighter emergency incident rehabilitation program? Procedures for this research project included a four month personal observation on significant emergency incidents. The purpose of the observation was to determine the consistency of implementation of firefighter rehabilitation on emergency incidents."

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