Attack Environment Manual: Chapter 9, Application to Emergency Operations Planning   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This chapter draws on the content of the first eight chapters to help the local emergency planner apply the information. [...] Information is presented in the form of panels, each consisting of a page of text and an associated sketch, photograph, chart, or other visual image. Each panel covers a topic. This preface is like a panel, with the list of topics in chapter 9 shown opposite. If the graphic portion is converted into slides or vugraphs, the chapter or any part can be used in an illustrated lecture or briefing, if so desired. Obviously, the coverage of this chapter is very broad, and not every panel can go into as much detail as one might wish. We cannot, for example, provide a fully developed 'model' nuclear attack appendix for the functional annexes. Those with limited resources who use this manual as a general reference probably will find it offers a useful approach to structuring their planning. For others, it should provide useful insights regarding the special demands of the attack environment. This manual and other official guidance material on operations planning attempts to provide planners with a sound basis for developing their own plans. However, it is important to keep in mind that under the difficult and never before encountered circumstances that may be faced in a nuclear attack, a plan may be highly imperfect. Thus, flexibility and common sense will be needed for the system to function even marginally well."

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Federal Emergency Management Agency 133; FEMA 133
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