Attack Environment Manual: Chapter 1, Introduction to Nuclear Emergency Operations   [open pdf - 1MB]

"This introduction to nuclear emergency operations is aimed at the reader who has no special knowledge of the subject. It does not rely on knowledge of the material in subsequent chapters of the manual. However, information in this chapter is referred to in subsequent chapters. The information is presented in the form of 'panels' each consisting of a page of text and an associated sketch, photograph, chart or other visual image. Each panel covers a topic. This preface is like a panel with the list of topics in chapter 1 shown opposite. If the graphic portion is converted into slides or vugraphs, the chapter or any part can be used in an illustrated lecture or briefing, if so desired. The ordering of topics begins with two introductory panels, followed by four panels on current enemy capabilities. There are five panels on direct weapon effects, followed by one on fallout. The next nine panels discuss operating contingencies, leading to nine basic operating situations. Finally, two panels emphasize the generic nature of contingency planning and propose a concept of operations under nuclear attack. There is a list of suggested additional reading for those who are interested in further information on the general subject."

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Federal Emergency Management Agency 125; FEMA 125
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United Stated Federal Emergency Management Agency, Learning Resource Center: http://www.lrc.fema.gov/
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