Fire Spread in High Density High-Rise Buildings: Final Report   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The fact that high-rise areas present special fire problems has been increasingly apparent to the fire community and has been reflected by an increasing number of programs to deal with various aspects of the problem. This particular program is concerned with developing a computer code to evaluate the initiation and development of fire within buildings in dense high-rise areas as a result of a nuclear burst. Specific concern is given as to how the fires progress from floor to floor, the rate of heat generation from high-rise areas and various hazards to individuals in the streets. Order of magnitude calculations were made using estimated values of several parameters to gain an overall appreciation of the severity of the fires and possible consequence to human beings. Four major tasks are involved in this program: 1) Survey of Chicago's Central Business District (Loop) 2) Development of analytical means for evaluating the overall development of fire 3) Development of a computer code to evaluate the effects of fire in high-rise areas 4) Estimation of the possible effects of fires, in Chicago's Loop following a nuclear detonation".

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