Fire and the Related Effects of Nuclear Explosions: 1982 Asilomar Conference   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This report summarizes the proceedings of a FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency]-sponsored Conference (organized and arranged by SRI [Stanford Research Institute] International under subcontract to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) on fire and the related effects of nuclear explosions (with passing attention to earthquakes and other nonnuclear mishaps). This conference, the fifth of an annual series (formally called Blast/Fire Interaction Conferences), was held during the week of April 25, 1982, again at Asilomar, California. The 1982 Conference was a technical meeting designed to transfer information and to critically appraise on-going research. Accordingly, in contrast to past conference objectives, research program planning was intentionally omitted, and the workshops previously tasked with the development of research requirements and priorities were replaced with technical discussion groups. With this exception, the general meeting format remained unchanged; plenary lectures were interspersed with reviews of the active FEMA Work Units, fire research programs separately sponsored, and concurrent discussion sessions on five separate technical topics. A significant portion of the 1982 Conference was devoted to reviews of the fire research programs at the National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research and the recently reinitiated program of assessment of the fire effects of nuclear explosions funded by the Defense Nuclear Agency. This report contains the program summaries and minutes from the five technical-issue discussion groups. The meeting was international with representation from the United Kingdom Sweden, and Japan in addition to representatives from government, industry, and academe in the United States."

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1982 Asllomar Conference. Asilomar, California. April 25, 1982
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