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"The COPS [Community Oriented Policing Services] Office supports the development of guidebooks and other publications, web-based tools, and conferences to help police benefit from a full spectrum of POP [Problem-Oriented Policing ] strategies. COPS Office funding of the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing has resulted in the development of the www.popcenter.org web site, coordination of the Annual Problem-Oriented Policing Conferences, and the publication of more than 80 Problem-Oriented Guides for Police. Known collectively as 'POP Guides,' the series helps police and other stakeholders understand how to apply POP to specific crime and disorder problems. Three types of POP Guides are available: Problem-Specific Guides explore how POP can be used to address a specific crime and disorder problem. Problem-Solving Tools summarize types of data collection and analysis techniques for police to use in POP projects. Response Guides explore when and where police should use specific responses and the consequences, advantages, and disadvantages to using them. " This document provides a link to the full collection of Problem-Specific Guides with titles and subjects ranging across a broad spectrum of social problems from "Burglary of Retail Establishments" and "Witness Intimidation" to "Prescription Fraud" and "Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs".

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