Testimony on Current and Future Worldwide Threats to the National Security of the United States, hearing before the United States Senate, Committee on Armed Services, One Hundred and Sixth Congress, Second Session, February 3, 2000   [open pdf - 282KB]

This testimony compilation is from the February 3, 2000 hearing, "Testimony on Current and Future Worldwide Threats to the National Security of the United States," U.S. Senate, Committee on Armed Services. From the statement of George Tenet: "Mr. Chairman, as we face a new century, we face a new world. A world where technology, especially information technology, develops and spreads at lightning speed--and becomes obsolete just as fast. A world of increasing economic integration, where a US company designs a product in Des Moines, makes it in Mumbai, and sells it in Sydney. A world where nation-states remain the most important and powerful players, but where multinational corporations, nongovernment organizations, and even individuals can have a dramatic impact. This new world harbors the residual effects of the Cold War--which had frozen many traditional ethnic hatreds and conflicts within the global competition between two superpowers. Over the past 10 years they began to thaw in Africa, the Caucasus, and the Balkans, and we continue to see the results today. It is against this backdrop that I want to describe the realities of our national security environment in the first year of the 21st century: where technology has enabled, driven, or magnified the threat to us; where age-old resentments threaten to spill-over into open violence; and where a growing perception of our so-called 'hegemony' has become a lightning rod for the disaffected. Moreover, this environment of rapid change makes us even more vulnerable to sudden surprise." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: George J. Tenet, Director, Central Intelligence Agency and Thomas R. Wilson, Director, Defense Intelligence Agency.

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