American Based Terrorism: What a Local Community Can Do to Prepare   [open pdf - 191KB]

"This paper will attempt to answer the following research questions in a fashion that will provide guidance and forethought to all that may be attempting to deal with this significant social drama. 1. What steps can a community as a whole take to evaluate its potential exposure and risk to an act of terrorism? 2. Who can a community expect to assist with mitigation activities should an act of terrorism occur within its jurisdictional confines? 3. What resources are available to assist a community to prepare for an act of terrorism? 4. How can a community develop a methodology for utilization and deployment of outside resources? 5. What is the relative importance of information flow to terrorism response and its effect on the disruption of essential government services? The research methodology used for this project was evaluative in nature and includes a literature review and a survey that was administered to 200 fire, rescue and Emergency Medical Service professionals from community based fire departments throughout the United States. The survey was designed to evaluate and sample communities and fire departments readiness to deal with potential terrorist acts. The survey included a series of questions developed to inquire about basic emergency management issues and more in-depth anti-terrorist activities and the organizations charged with supporting these endeavors. The main emphasis of the survey was to determine the respondents' general knowledge about their community and agencies general state of preparedness in relation to these destructive occurrences. All of these assessments were conducted within a six-month time period, necessary to complete this research project."

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