Aviation Fatigue Management Symposium: Partnerships for Solutions   [open pdf - 187KB]

"The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recognized the need for leadership to begin dialogs to understand and address fatigue in the aviation industry. The issues are cross-cutting affecting flight crews, ground support personnel, maintenance personnel, and air traffic controllers. The solutions require the cooperative action of industry, employee groups, and the FAA. Making head way also requires a shared commitment to solve problems. That shared commitment must rest on a common understanding of the problem, a frank understanding of the barriers, and a collaborative approach to developing practical solutions. The FAA set four primary objectives of the Aviation Fatigue Symposium: Partnerships for Solutions: 1. Energize the aviation community to solve aviation fatigue problems. 2. Provide attendees with the most current information on fatigue physiology, risk assessment and mitigation alternatives. 3. Develop a common understanding of fatigue issues, identify challenges that create the potential for fatigue, and discuss barriers that have historically prevented solutions to reduce fatigue. 4. Discuss the potential for collaborative alliances to develop and implement fatigue mitigation strategies."

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Aviation Fatigue Management Symposium: Partnerships for Solutions. Vienna, Virginia. June 17-18, 2008
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