SECURE Water Act Section 9503(c) - Reclamation Climate Change and Water: 2011   [open pdf - 4MB]

"The report is organized as follows: 1) Section 1: Provides an introduction and a brief overview to projected climate changes over the Western United States and implications for snowpack, runoff amount, and runoff timing (or seasonality). Section 1 also provides how the information for this report was developed as well as the uncertainties associated with the information. 2) Sections 2 through 8: Provide basin-specific discussions of each major Reclamation basin identified within the SECURE Water Act including the basin setting, basin specific coordination, historical climate, historical hydrology, projected future climate and hydrology, and implications for various water and environmental resources. Note that the SECURE Water Act separately identifies the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers as reporting basins; however, in this report, these two basins are discussed in concert given the interwoven nature of their water management issues (section 7). 3) Section 9: Integrates findings from the basin-specific discussion to provide a west-wide perspective on projected climate and hydrologic changes. Geographic variations in projected changes are highlighted. The section also provides a brief inventory of uncertainties affecting the interpretation of these results, ranging from the uncertainties of generating global climate projections to simulating local hydrologic response. 4) Section 10: Describes Reclamation's coordination of activities with respect to the SECURE Water Act Authorities.5) Section 11: Provides adaptation actions being implemented. This section provides a description of Reclamation activities with targets within the Department of the Interior High Priority Performance Goal for Climate. 6) Section 12: Provides a listing references used within this document, directing the audience to a source for additional information."

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