Community Policing Assessment Report: McCall, Idaho Police Department   [open pdf - 482KB]

"This report is the result of a request by Chief Ralph Appa Jr. for an Onsite Assessment sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Public Safety and conducted by the Western Regional Institute for Community Oriented Public Safety (WRICOPS). The department requested an Onsite Assessment related to community policing and was interested in an independent examination of the organization and community to identify strategic community-based recommendations toward the implementation of community policing. The Onsite Assessment Process provides organizational development and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies and their communities through a trained Assessment Team. The Onsite Assessment Process identifies the status of community policing within the department as well as the understanding and support of community policing by local government and community members. Information assembled by Assessment Team members through meetings, surveys, interviews, observations, and document review and then organized into this comprehensive written report provides strategic recommendations to assist in the enhancement of community policing efforts. The Assessment Team examined all aspects of the organization related to community policing. This report provides the Chief and the members of the department with information to assist them in becoming more responsive and service-based in community policing. Strategic recommendations do not imply problems or errors, but rather offer a path for change. The suggestions are purposely not specific, as there is no easy 'cookbook recipe' for the difficult challenge of implementing comprehensive organization hange. The purpose of the recommendations is to stimulate discussion, self-examination, and critical gement styles of any department members. This report provides recommendations for change to help the department assess its readiness and commitment to community policing and problem solving."

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