Incident Dispatchers for On-scene Assistance in Jackson County, Oregon   [open pdf - 75KB]

"California has introduced a concept called 'incident dispatchers'. Some fire agencies in Jackson County, Oregon, expressed interest in the program, however it was not clearly understood by all departments. The problem was that the program itself was not well understood and the level of local interest in the fire service for such a program was unknown. The purpose of this research was to explain what an incident dispatcher program might be able to do and to review the interest of the concept among the fire service agencies within Jackson County, and if there was common interest, to provide a recommended course. A Descriptive Research Methodology was selected to answer the following questions: 1. Is there consensus among the fire agencies in Jackson County regarding the need for Incident Dispatchers? 2. If Incident Dispatchers were desired, what expectations would Incident Commanders have for the position? 3. What levels of training would be necessary for the position? 4. What types of equipment, forms, and costs would be involved to implement Incident Dispatchers? An initial brainstorming session was held with dispatch supervisors in order to develop the key issues. Fire chiefs and staff members were interviewed to seek the answers. A survey format was developed to accomplish similar outcomes with each interview. There was strong support among each chief and each department for the incident dispatcher program."

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