Extra-Board Firefighters: Part Time Employees as an Alternative to Overtime   [open pdf - 40KB]

"In an effort to provide additional manpower during emergency responses, the Anderson Township Fire and Rescue Department increased its minimum staffing levels from eight to ten firefighters per day in July of 1994. The department staffed eleven firefighters per day and allowed for two per day to schedule off for vacation, which created the need for overtime. In addition to the eleven shift personnel, the department had two firefighters used as floaters that would schedule one month in advance to cover three shifts in an attempt to prevent excessive overtime. Unfortunately, the overtime needed to maintain ten firefighters per day was more than the two floaters were able to control. Therefore, a search for another method to maintain minimum staffing while controlling costs and continuing their current service level began. A system, which integrated part-time employees, called 'Extra Board' Firefighters was determined to be the best alternative and was officially implemented in 1996. Under the Extra Board system. fully trained firefighter paramedics were assigned to a shift, but only worked when the department was faced with paying full-time firefighters overtime to maintain miminum staffing levels. Extra-Board firefighters were not only required to be available to work their assigned shift, they were also expected to respond on short notice such as when a fellow employee became sick or injured. This research project attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of the Extra-Board system versus the use of full-time firefighters in an overtime capacity."

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