Increasing the Water Supply Capabilities of a Rural Fire District   [open pdf - 95KB]

"The Williams Rural Fire Protection District (WRFPD) recognizes the fact that in the event of a large-scale fire, the Fire Department does not have adequate capabilities to provide and maintain a continuous water supply to the fire scene. The purpose of this research project was to research information to aid in formulating a plan that could be used to upgrade the Williams Rural Fire Protection District's water supply resources and to reduce refill and travel time of the water tankers. This project utilized both historical and action research methodology. Historical research was used to determine: (1) what other rural fire departments were doing to facilitate their water supply resources; (2) what funding may be available through government or private grants; (3) what assistance the state fire marshals may provide local rural fire departments in this matter; (4) and what the acceptable national standards are. Action research was used to develop a plan in order to formulate and implement a low cost, efficient water supply program. The procedures used were: (1) surveying rural fire departments nationwide; (2) surveying all of the state fire marshals; (3) interviewing local fire officials; (4) reviewing various forms of literature including trade magazines, training manuals, and equipment manufacturer's literature; (5) local water resource site inspections. This research resulted in the development of a plan to : (1) identify and acquire usage of water resource sites; (2) identify the type of equipment and material to be used; (3) develop an acceptable budget for labor and material; (4) provide for funding."

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