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"Well-written job descriptions support a variety of functions. They show job requirements, support wage and salary administration, and serve as support documentation for legal compliance. Fire departments that do not have a Human Resource work section, or a City Personnel Department attentive to their needs, may be operating from job descriptions that are more than five years old. Today, laws and labor/management agreements make it imperative for organizations to use logical systematic approaches to writing and revalidating job descriptions. The purpose of this research was to revalidate the existing job description for the position of Firefighter on the Oklahoma City Fire Department. An action research method was chosen, supported by evaluative, descriptive, and historical research, due to an existing job description that needed to be evaluated against current standards. The research question was, 'What steps should be taken to revalidate job descriptions?' The procedure for the research initiated from several meetings with the Human Resource work section of the fire department and the Personnel Analyst of Oklahoma City. The Master Task List (MTL) used in 1983 was modified to include current job functions of a firefighter. The MTL was revalidated by a survey given to personnel currently doing the job functions. The research led to a procedure used to revalidate the department's current job descriptions. The following recommendations were a logical result of the research: the Human Resources work section should proceed to revalidate all existing job descriptions and write those job descriptions for positions where they do not exist; also, job descriptions should be reviewed on a five-year basis."

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