Developing a Code of Conduct for the Arlington County Fire Department   [open pdf - 621KB]

"The Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD) lacked a comprehensive, up to date policy statement on general conduct. This deficiency has contributed to problems the ACFD experienced over the last few years, including peer to peer sexual harassment charges and claims of violating equal employment opportunity regulations. This research project analyzed the prevalence and components of Codes of Conduct used by fire service organizations for the purpose of producing a comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on general conduct for the ACFD. This project employed both historical and action research to (a) find out what methods are in use for disseminating standards for general conduct, sexual harassment, ethnic and cultural diversity, inclusiveness, and workplace hostility in other similar departments, (b) find out if other similar departments have developed a comprehensive Code of Conduct, and (c) what behavioral elements have other departments placed in their Code of Conduct when they attempted to formulate a comprehensive code. Principle research procedures included: (a) a review of literature written on the topics of management of government, sexual harassment, and ethnic and cultural diversity; and (b) an analysis of conduct guidelines supplied by fire service leaders. The literature reviewed supported the development and implementation of a Code of Conduct. Additionally, analysis of other conduct guidelines indicated the elements necessary for the development of a comprehensive code."

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