Integration of the Incident Management System Between the Police and Fire Departments of the City of Goodyear, Arizona   [open pdf - 82KB]

"The Incident Command System (ICS), in one form or another, has proven to be effective at handling fire service related emergencies for almost 30 years. However, as much as the fire service has gained from this, incident management concepts typically have not been accepted or practiced by law enforcement agencies. Incidents where the Goodyear Fire Department's responsibilities overlap with those of the Goodyear Police Department have proven to be interesting. Although safe outcomes have generally been realized, efficiency and effectiveness are noticeably lacking. This reality has been acknowledged by officers and firefigthters working together at the same incident. It is also evident by the duplication of efforts, the obscured authority, and the lack of a shared overall plan of action communicated between both agencies. The purpose of this research was to identify ways in which to integrate joint incident management procedures into the Police and Fire departments in the City of Goodyear. This was accomplished through action research designed to answer the following questions: (1) Are the perceptions of the use of incident command systems the same for law enforcement and the fire service? (2) What are some of the methods that have been employed by other public safety agencies? (3) What will it take to successfully implement standard, multi-disciplined incident management procedures that are adopted and practiced by the Goodyear Police and Fire departments? The literature review found examples of integrated incident command systems that have been accepted, adopted, and practiced by a few cities, counties and states nationwide."

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