Gangs and Guerrillas: Ideas from Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism   [open pdf - 757KB]

"Can counter insurgency strategies be used to fight urban gangs? This question was discussed in a conversation between the Mayor of Salinas, the Provost of the Naval Postgraduate School and Representative Sam Farr. It became apparent during that discussion that there were many similarities between insurgent behavior and gang behavior--similarities that would make a more rigorous analysis worthwhile. These similarities are readily apparent when reading General Petraeus's counterinsurgency guidance for U.S. and NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] forces in Afghanistan.... In his list of twenty-four 'rules,' many of them resonate, but especially the following: secure and serve the population; live among the people; help confront the culture of impunity; hold what we secure; foster lasting solutions; consult and build relationships, but not just with those who seek us out; walk; act as one team; be first with the truth; fight the information war aggressively; manage expectations; and live our values. Ultimately, these guidelines intend to reach the same end state as urban policing does: a safe and secure population. With this theme in mind, the faculty of the Defense Analysis Department at the Naval Postgraduate School, experts in counterinsurgency operations, were enlisted to address these similarities and to share their theories, models, and ideas from their own disciplines of political science, sociology, anthropology, international relations, and more."

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