Decision Making and Planning Process: A Leadership Approach to Utilizing the Task Groups and Committee Concept   [open pdf - 121KB]

"The problem identified in this research project was that the task groups and committees that were used by the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service to assist the executive staff in their decision making and planning processes were not generating the productivity or operating at the efficiency level that the administration desired. The main problem areas concerning the use of task groups and committees in the department's decision making and planning process were: 1. The groups' and committees' inability to provide recommendations, plans and proposals in a timely manner. 2. The managerial and decision making abilities of the members and group leaders themselves. 3. The evident presence of 'Groupthink' in the recommendations and proposals that were presented for approval. The purpose of this research project is to identify managerial methods that will assist task groups and committees in providing more effective recommendations, plans and proposals when routine and critical decisions are necessary. The information gathered in this research project is intended to assist in developing a structured model and workable procedures that will serve as a standard for managing task groups and standing committees. The research focuses on finding ways to alleviate the problems that hinder task group and committee productivity and efficieny. The research method used was an action research methodology. The action research methodology was necessary to show how the application of obtained information, structured guidelines, continuous training and leadership development are essential to solving the problem that faced the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service."

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