Performance Appraisal and Planning Compliance: Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Services   [open pdf - 386KB]

"This research project analyzed the issue of employee compliance with the current performance appraisal system at the Montgomery County, Maryland, Department of Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS). The problem was that not all officers are providing performance appraisals for their personnel. The purpose of this research project was to identify what percentage of the officers are not completing performance appraisals and the reasons why. This research employed both historical and evaluative research (a) to determine what percentage of the DFRS officers are complying with the policy, (b) are there specific factors that influence the officers concerning the completion of performance appraisals, and (c) are there alternative methods that would continue or increase compliance with the policy. The research was conducted through two means. First, a review of current literature concerning performance appraisals and their completion, and second a survey of the 216 Chief and Company/Line officers was conducted to gain information. The major findings for this research were that only 40% of the officers were completing performance appraisals for their personnel. The officers did not believe the performance appraisal system currently in place had any real purpose, and lacked the ability to reward or improve employee behavior. The recommendations resulting from this research include, (a) replacing the current performance appraisal system with one that is more effective, less time consuming and cumbersome, and (b) provide training to all personnel in the purpose, method, and use of a new system."

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